The Original Chufa Company


We at Grupo Polo present to you The Original Chufa Company, a brand created to take our passion for tigernut much further, bringing together our knowledge of the sector, the product and, above all, the experience acquired in the production of food products such as tigernut milk and fartons. This is knowledge we began to acquire in around 1939 and which has continued to grow ever since, and which has now led us to showcase with great pride a whole series of products ranging from the tuber in its natural form to a tigernut extract oil.

Everything has a beginning
And ours started more than half a century ago, around 1960 when we relocated to Alboraya, land of tigernut and horchata. Our first contact with the land.
Craft manufacturers
In 1985 we began to be artisan manufacturers with a proper hand maded horchata served to the public in Mari Toñi, our horchateria located in Valencia.
We became big
This year we became the major manufacturer of horchata in the Valencian country, producing more than 60 million liters a year and exporting to more than 25 countries.
They trust us
From artisan horchaterías full of tradition until industrial companies trust us every day.
The most natural product
We put determination taking care of our main ingredient: the tigernut. That is why we dry them and wash them following natural methods in our organic certified drying and washing facilities.
Our values
In our processes we use we use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials. We use products with vegetable properties proceeding from biological and organic certified agriculture.
Environmentally friendly with our origins
We cooperate with farmers in origin that take care of the product every day. we watch after their conditions and the development of their activities.
Looking to the future
Trusting in innovation has brought us to introduce high tech processes for the selection of tigernuts, to became the unique wordwide manufacturer of horchata powder, or even to vaacum pack our products.
Always in development
This capacity to investigate and to break barriers has brought us here today to present a wide range of organic and healthy tigernut products. Let us introduce our products.